Costume by Michele D., Atlantic City, NJ

I was in a party store just a week before Halloween helping a friend buy party stuff for her son’s birthday party. I was looking at all the different kinds of great Halloween costumes they had. I saw the Pinata costume and thought to myself how cool that would be to be one for Halloween.

So that day I bought all different colors of streamer paper, clear packing tape, one pompom and party hats. Once I was home I cut all the papers the same length. I figured I could use a sweat suit that I had for years to be my foundation. Then I just started taping each color in its own row about 3” apart from one another. I saved the two birthday hats for last which were wrapped with yellow streamer paper and pompom fringe taped through the top then taped them to the hood.

And of course a Pinata wouldn’t be complete without candy. My pants had pockets in them so I just placed the candy inside there.

Total Spent: $25