These are family themed costumes for both of my daughters based on the Google Chrome web browser and Facebook.  I made them by hand out of old clothes using stitching and glue.  Thus, the costumes did not cost anything and actually recycled things that we normally throw away.  The most difficult part of making thse costumes was cutting out and designing the pieces on each costume to exactly match the themes for the web browser and website.  The best part of making these costumes are the details in the matching earrings and shoes for each costume, which required significant amount of care and detail.  It took me over a month to make both costumes.  We have won five Halloween contests during this fall season.  Numerous people have commented on how creative and original these costumes are.  I got the idea out of my addiction to Facebook and use of Chrome as my favorite internet browser.  and the other reason to pick s Google chrome for my 7 years old daughter is she never let me finish what I’m going to say just like Google , so I thought that will   be perfect costume for her,  To make that Google icone first I cut a big circle on card bord and than trace another small circle in the middle of that big circle , cut out the small circle , and than  divide my big cricle into three parts and cut these parts and I use those half circle as tracer to cut my cloth for the skirt and the top , so I had exact same circle ever time , for the face book it just blue shirt and I just try to make Facebook login page , again lot of cutting and writing , I also make matching shoes , just buy cheap shoes from Walmart , cost me like 12 13 dollers for both pairs, and use the same cloth to cover them , we have lot of fun candies and apperception ,