I was inspired to make this Wooly Willy costume after receiving a Wooly Willy game for my birthday last year. Being bald and bearded, it seemed like a good fit.

  • After finding a photo online, cleaning it up and printing it out on a poster printer, I mounted it to a large piece of foam core.
  • I then cut out the entire piece, the head hole and the hanging rack hole.
  • I made the “magic wand” out of a dowel and the magnetic pieces out of black pom poms.

The best part is that the wand is attached to the pom poms with thread and you can actually move them around my face… its fully interactive! Also, I had some adhesive backed felt “hair” pieces that could be attached to my face.

The costume only cost me around $25. I got the full size print for free at work. Everyone wanted to take a photo and play with the wand. It was a hit!