Preparation for my Na’vi for the Night Avatar costume realistically began in June. I loved the movie “Avatar” and knew I wanted to make the best homemade version of the costume I could possibly come up with. I love DIY projects and I love getting creative. I’m an October baby; born one week before Halloween– so no wonder it’s my favorite holiday!

My friends dismissed the idea, because they assumed that I would get the store-ready blue avatar jumpsuit, but I ensured them that I was fully committed to this idea. Months in advance I drew out a sketch from head to toe of what I needed to achieve the look I desired. I watched the movie countless times to take account for the detail of the outfit.  I searched far and wide for latex paint, blue stockings, and a blue piece of fabric that were all the same exact shade of Avatar blue. I spray painted a tail, a dress, and stockings. I ordered color contacts, and tried to nail the look down to the last detail. I loved the detail of the dream catcher I added to my braided hair for an extra effect.

The look took about 8 hours to achieve. I started mid- day by applying latex paint to my entire body, layer by layer.  Then I individually drew stripes of a darker shade of blue with my finger to get the striped look that avatars have. I braided my hair in all different sized braids, and then focused on my fast last. I wanted to make the look more feminine, and more my own, so I added subtle rhinestones along the stripes of my face, pink blush on my cheeks, and a tint of lipstick to complete my look.  When I finally made it out in public people everywhere stopped and asked to pose with me, literally running after me on the street, saying “Avatar, Avatar please take a picture with me”. Friends of mine did not recognize me.

It was a completely awesome transformation and something I will forever be proud of. Getting all of the latex blue paint off of my skin at the end of the night, however is a whole other story in itself..