Awesome DIY Cruella DeVille Costume

Cruella DeVille costume submitted by:

Mary W., Cocoa, FL

We came up with the idea for this Cruella devil costume after watching the 101 Dalmatian movies. I bought at a local costume store a wig, two yards of the Dalmatian material, two long pieces of the red fur and two of the white fur and red tights. At the second hand store I found a small piece a flux fur for the purse, a small tote bag and some Dalmatian animals.

I had cheap sunglasses, a black velvet skirt, black long sleeve velvet shirt and black and white high heel shoes. So, I took the Dalmatian material, folded the top and sewed a basic straight stitch and put a drawstring in to make a collar.

Then, I safety pinned the red fur around the material. In addition, I safety pinned the white fur around the black skirt and the sleeves of the shirt. I guess you could sew the fur if you prefer sewing. I glued the small piece of flux fur to a tote bag and put a small stuffed Dalmatian dog in it.

Next, I took scrap material I had left and glued it around the sunglasses and the handle of the tote bag. The extra white fur I just pinned to the front of her shirt.

Finally, she put RED lipstick and black and white eye shadow on.

It took me a few days of shopping for the material and then another two days of putting the costume together. This was a great Cruella devil costume!! She had many compliments.

Total Spent on this Cruella Deville costume: $45

Adorably Fierce Cruella DeVille Costume

Cruella DeVille submitted by:

Tiffany S., Hollywood, FL

Cruella DeVille Costume

Pretty sure you can guess where the idea came from. My daughter loved the movie so much we decided to create a Cruella DeVille costume. I am not the best when it comes to sewing, but I love Halloween and I hate those store bought costumes.

For the costume I bought about 1 1/2 yards of stretchy red material and traced a pattern from one of my daughter’s dresses. Then I bought 2 yards of Dalmatian fur material, I waited for 50% off coupons for both of the fabric purchases.

For the coat of the costume I traced a pattern from a cape we had. I sewed cardboard in the collar to make it more dramatic, and closed it with a rhinestone pin I had. For the hair I used a white pair of pantyhose, and cut the legs off, I tacked a white feather boa on one side and black on the other. That was the most expensive purchase.

Then one pack of fishnet stockings, and a pair of black boots, or shoes whatever we had in the closet. Then we put some make-up and that was it. I loved the costume so much I made it again when she was like 6yrs old, because the school was doing a Disney theme.

The second time around when making the costume was even cheaper because I had a lot of extra material left over from before, unfortunately she had grown too much for even the old wig to fit her.

Total Spent: $25