I had the best Halloween night this year and was never so comfortable! No worrying about bits of your costume falling off or bumping into anyone…just getting the biggest laugh SCARING PEOPLE! This Zombie grannies group costume was really easy and cheap and guaranteed one of the best laughs you’ll have! Get your nastiest granny nightie you can find, some rope, lost of plastic insects, spiders…rats and mice and some cobweb and lots of hairspray and some face paint and you’re ready to go! We had great fun making this and the reaction we got on our night out was BRILLIANT! This costume is what Halloween is all about!

1.Rip up the nightie to an inch of it’s life and add as much fake blood as you like! I had a really dark red face paint that I threw all over it! (rolling around in the muck in your garden is optional!!)

2. Sew on any creepy crawlies you can get your hands on! (the more disgusting the better!)

3. Find some old rope and make a noose…..(believe it or not…there’s a video on how to make it on youtube…..creepy I know!)

4. Now, the tricky bit, the makeup. All you need is white and dark red face paint and some black and purple eyeshadow and I bought some tooth enamel, just to make it even more gross! Paint your whole face and any parts of your body that’s visible with white and scrunch up your face and with the black and purple eyeshadow, just shade any wrinkle or crease you have. I am especially wrinkly and liney even though I’m only a fresh faced 27 year old…but the uglier you are to begin with the easier this will be! Add some dark red facepaint under the eyes and around the mouth, on your neck ,arms, legs, ears, nose…ANYWHERE!

5. Now go absolutely NUTS with a comb and a bottle of hairspray! Backcomb that hair, the BIGGER, THE BETTER! (it’ll never be big enough!) add white spray or powder or flour and some more spiders and cobwebs and …..BAM! There ya have it, one creeeeeepy scary dead looking granny zombie thingy!

The 3 of us had the MOST fun on our night out! Got into about 600 peoples photo’s and spent the night freaking people out! They actually thought we were part of the night! and believe me…zombie grannies look hilarious trying to dance! No matter which way ya dance it looks so funny!!!

Hope you try it and have a BRILLIANT Halloween like we did!