I sway into the Mascaraed ball in my red and black gown feeling beautiful. I feel graceful in my three inch heels as I glide on the dance floor; My mask firmly in my hand. Everyone cheers me and my date as we end our dance. I’ve waited for this moment my whole life; and after life. We take a bow and I can finally remove my mask from my face. Everyone gasps as they see it wasn’t a mask, but my face on a stick.

I am wearing the costume. I saw a similar idea on YouTube. I took a Jason hockey mask and cut it to a shape similar to a mascaraed mask. I then heated it with a torch to mold the sides to my face. A layer of scar wax was added by taking some out of the container and spreading it on the mask using my finger. Then five layers of liquid latex was added using a Q-tip. I took a wooden skewer and painted it black and hot glued it to the back of the mask. I used my regular foundation and concealer to match my skin tone. It was placed on the mask like I would my regular skin. A brow pencil was used to create eyebrows free handed. Red grease paint and three different bloods of different colors and thickness were used around the edge and the blood was let run naturally down the mask.  Jewels and feathers were hot glued to the stick for a vintage mascaraed feel.

For the Makeup I lightly traced out the edge of the mask with light foundation. I put on foundation on what would be showing. I used liquid latex to attach paper towel to my face where the ripped skin should be. And scar wax and latex to cover my eyebrows. Then added three layers of liquid latex on that. Red grease paint was added where the skin was ripped off and foundation was added to the paper towel and latex. Blood was the added. Since mascaraed balls are very fancy and formal I did “pretty eyes” by adding mascara, eyeliner, and silver and grey eye shadow. And then a dark purple lipstick. I curled my hair and put it up with a black flower clip. For the Dress, I hot glued cardboard bats and puffy painted a belt.