I work on my Halloween costume all year, gathering from various sources like Joann’s Fabrics, Michaels, garage sales, my closet etc. My costume usually doesn’t end up with my original vision. It morphs into something much better. I will change things as I go. I started this winter theme Ice Queen costume with the mask. I glued mirror tiles, bling blings, glitter etc on the mask.

Last year I made a duct tape dummy to use for my form. I pin different materials in various designs on the dummy until I get something that “feels” right. This generally keeps changing as I move along on the design. I did cut out the original sleeves and opted for the ones shown. I hot glue a lot.

The “skirt” is detachable for ease of getting into a car. The dress below is very simple straight line empire style. The skirt is made with a base of tulle and a lot of layers of discounted wired Christmas ribbon. I hot glued various “icey” themed dodads around the skirt. I also sewed acrylic icicles and sparkly snow flakes around in different spots on the ribbon.

The collar is also made from Christmas ribbon sewed together for the basic shape. I used 16 gauge wire for the frame supporting the collar about every 4″ from bottom to top with hot glue. I added acrylic icicles and snowflakes to hang from the collar.

The sleeves are detachable. I made a tube and then put them on my arm and adjusted for fit with pins and sewed them leaving a long length to add a thumb hole so the sleeves come down to my knuckles. The headpiece is a simple headband which I hot glued a block of Styrofoam. I added glitter, and poked and formed various pieces to a design I liked. The shoes I bought on sale and blinged them up with material and boas.

The icicle is made from a acrylic tube. I cut about a 3 ft piece and heated the end over a burner to pull it into a point. I used acrylic solvent to glue acrylic ice pieces on it. The end which holds the 3AAA battery pack is made from a water bottle cut down and decorated. Velcro of course for the 3 tab closure. The lights are all fairy lights with either 3AAA battery pack or coin battery pack. I did have to cut the long lead on the lights for the icicle wand and splice it back together.

Then for the wow effect, I added fairy lights by pinning to get the effect I wanted and then hand sewed them in place.

I’m already working on next years costume idea!!