For a fancy dress party I decided to go as Spongebob Squarepants, (why wouldn’t I?!). After looking for costumes for sales, I was disappointed by the low quality and high price of what was for sale, most weren’t even square!
So after deciding to make my own Spongebob Adult Costume, I found this website and picked up a few tips.

I must confess I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I wanted the face to look as perfect as possible! So I found a generic picture of Spongebob online, and matched the height/width ratio of that picture with the box I used. So after modifying a box from the garage to the right size, I simply cut out a head hole and arm holes until I could wear the box comfortably.

After that, I mapped out the key points of the face (centre of the eyes, edge on the mouth etc) on to the box, by measuring where they were on the picture, and scaling it up to my sized box. This took some time to do, but I wanted to make sure everything was in the right place.
After I had marked where all of the main features were supposed to be, I drew the face properly with a marker pen.

I wanted to keep this cheap, and so got some kiddies paint, that was £1 ($1.60 roughly) for a 750ml bottle. I had to buy yellow, brown, red, white and blue, so £5 all in. The I came to actually paint it. With the picture for reference and the face drawn out I painted the box as best I could. After the first coat dried, DISASTER struck! The paint was peeling off of the packing tape that was on all the edges of the box, a design oversight! So as a last minute attempt to stop the paint flaking off everywhere, I wrapped it all in sticky plastic. That cost about another £5.

After the costume had been painted the original outline I drew was half covered over, so on top of the plastic, with a marker pen, I went over all of the lines to make the features stand out more clearly.
Finally I spend £3 (about $5) on some yellow face paint to cover my arms and legs, with the addition of yellow rubber gloves (as the face paint transferred to everything I touched) the costume was finished!