I decided to be the Red Queen this year, but wasn’t satisfied with the costumes available for rent or purchase, so I chose to make my own Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland adult Halloween costume. I studied pictures of the Red Queen from Tim Burton’s movie and broke down what I would need for the costume.

The overskirt was made from a gold and red upholstery fabric, the underskirt was red satin and I painted the hearts with black and gold glitter fabric paint, I used one roll of toilet paper on each side to get the hips to stick out (hard to see in the photos). For the top I wore a white sleeveless button down shirt, then sewed the overshirt using a sheer black chiffon. The sleeves are gold satin covered with black fishnet and red ribbon banding.

The chest plate is the same gold satin as the sleeves with red cording glued down the front of it, then jewels glued on the top, and pearls, red and gold beads attached to a gold chain for the detail at the top of it. The gold chain goes up over my shoulders and joins in the middle of my back.

My favorite detail was the shoes! I bought a pair of black boots and glued gold lace to them so they resembled the shoes from the movie. The hair was a wig I bought online, but the crown attached was wimpy, so I created a more dramatic crown out of gold posterboard and some jewels glued to it. I used a bald cap with a little polyfil stuffed inside and some liquid latex to make my forehead larger.

I am a very inexperienced seamstress, but I think I did and ok job. I was very popular when we went out and had my picture taken a lot!