My Homemade Rag Doll Costume was literally made from tatty old bits and bobs around the house! My old pink lipsy dress was a perfect match for the doll look I was aspiring to achieve, with a sweetheart cut on top and a wasted bow into a tutu’d skirt (however any pretty short prom dress would work). I then found some knee high socks to add to the doll look; white would have been a better match however with the black in the dress I thought it stood out more. Finishing off the outfit I added a large exaggerated black bow in my hair to define the little girl image and a bat with cobwebs attached to my dress strap, because it is after all Halloween!!

Leading on to my face, the only thing I had to purchase (even though it was the most effective element, I must admit) was the green contacts, these not only shifted the colour of my eyes, and they are larger than usual eye colourings therefore giving the illusion of larger eyes! To enhance this I used white eyeliner on the bottom eyelids and carrying on to a half moon shape, I then used black eyeliner to pencil in eyelashes, giving me the big glassy-eyed rag doll look! Also I added fake eyelashes to balance out the size of my eyes.

For my lips I used black liquid eyeliner and drew on a heart shape at the top and then rounded off the bottom. For my cheeks I drew on circles using bright pink lipstick and then highlighted my nose and under the eyebrow with white eyeliner to give a shiny doll look! Finally I drew on a stitched neck with black eyeliner and random stitching on my body to create the tatty look, perfect for Halloween!