Creepy Doll Costume and Makeup for a Teenager

I’ve made a creepy doll costume for Halloween. The costume is made by a purple skirt and black blouse and for the make up I used lighter foundation, white eyeliner under the eyes to make my eyes look bigger like the doll’s eyes.

I outlined my new eyes with liquid black eye liner. I also used pink eyeshadows and fake eyelashes. I outlined new lips with pink lip liner and I used red lipstick. On the ends of my mouth I put foundation. I made a line with the black eyeliner and on it I made other small lines. For the cheeks I used the lipstick, which I blushed out.

People looked at me like I’m crazy because here not everyone celebrates Halloween. it’s not our tradition. A few boys thought that’s my real face.

The weather wasn’t very nice. Because of the wind my eyelashes flew away. I had to go with eyelashes only on one of my eyes. However I fixed them.

It was an awesome Halloween!

Creepy Doll Costume and Makeup for a Teenager