I basically did the same costume as Parrot 05 that is shown here, but tweaked it a little bit to made it work for my daughter. My husband and I were also pirates along with our dog Pedro.

We got the one piece red suit as a hand-me-down and I followed the same pattern here. I did a few things differently for the head. For the beak I cut out cardboard (thin cereal box-like) in the beak shape. I then cut out the yellow felt in the same shape, but leaving an edge to fold inside the cardboard. (There will be a little overlapping inside). I then glued the edges together with craft glue and clamped them together over night (actually a series of nights!) Then I stuffed it with extra felt scraps and lined the inside part with a piece that would touch her forehead. I glued it all together and rubberbanded it overnight. When the beak was ready I glued the top of it to the inside of the hood.

For the entire costume I used Elmer’s craft Glue except for the beak under the hood. I realized that I needed superglue for that one since she would be pulling on it and knocking into things!

For the eyes, I cut out the white shapes, glued on the googlie eyes, and drew the red lines with thin red sharpie. Then I just glued it on close to the edge.

We had a good time going to the thrift store and putting together our pirate Halloween costumes. The pirate ship is just cardboard taped on the side of the wagon and white material with the skull and cross bones painted on and attached to the awning of the wagon.