Homecoming week got moved up a month before its original date, for character day I had to throw something together really quick for my boyfriend and I. While watching Toy Story I thought of the perfect costume … Jessie and Woody Couple Costume! This costume was made in two days by my mother and I!

Jessie- To start I went out and bought cheap cow print fabric, yellow fabric, and a white men’s dress shirt. For the jeans, I cut the cow fabric and glued it onto the front. For the shirt, I also cut and glued fabric, this time yellow, and made it fit to the shirt. I added the red lines on her top with red puffy paint (found at Wal-mart). I had an old cowboy hat so I spray painted it red. I tied a yellow ribbon to the bottom of my braid to top off her costume.

Woody- The excess cow fabric was used to make Woody’s vest. I looked up a vest pattern and cut and sewed it together. I also added a yellow sheriff badge to the vest. The red bandana was 2 dollars at the craft store. The yellow shirt was found at a near-by department store for only ten dollars! The hat was made from foam like material, to look almost exactly like Woody’s hat. The cowboy boots were old boots, which we wrote Andy on the bottom of.

The costume was fairly easy to make and super cute! We had people coming up to us asking to take pictures because they were so impressed. Try this out and let me know how it turns out! Good luck.