I spent 2 nights sewing this Velociraptor Costume. I knew I wanted to be a dinosaur for a while. My roommate Sean and I even practiced dino poses in our spare time. (I think it all started with an intense love for Barney and Jurassic Park.)

I found a pattern for a awesome kangaroo costume and altered it. I added a thicker tail, because of that I had to add some internal support. That tail was HEAVY, but it was really important to me that the tail could move well. I ended up stuffing the inside of the costume with couch pillows to make the right silhouette.

Being a dinosaur was really great, but the next day I had little to no voice. I guess I did too much roaring and shrieking. My costume took quiet a beating too. I guess that’s what happens to a Velociraptor at a University of Illinois Halloween Party!