I always wanted to dress as Tinkerbell for Halloween, so when I finally convinced my husband to be Captain Hook, I started right away with our Tinkerbell and Captain Hook Couple Costumes.

For my Tinkerbell costume, I started with the green crushed fabric and the bodice of what was the top part of my prom dress. I sewed the fabric directly onto the bodice (which was like a corset) and replaced the cord that laced up the back with coordinating ribbon. The skirt was made without a pattern, basically by pinning fabric to myself then sewing. I did also make a small cape with the extra fabric I had, because this costume didn’t provide much warmth! The shoes I had, but I added the green ‘poms’ to them with safety pins. The only store-bought part was the wings. With a green ribbon in my hair, and lots of glitter, it all came together!

For Captain Hook, we got the red coat, black pants, and a standard white button-down at a thrift store. On the coat, I sewed on the gold ribbon, and replaced the black buttons with gold. I also added a gold ribbon loop to hold Hook’s sword. I added fabric ‘flares’ to the white shirt to hide the hook, and we wrapped extra fabric around my husband’s neck like an ascot. We bought the hook, wig, sword, and hat online, and I added the feathers to the hat. (It came with the ‘fur’ on the edges.) He wore regular black dress shoes with white socks.

It was absolutely so much fun, and I don’t know how we’ll ever top it!