Homemade Princess Leia Sock Monkey Halloween Costume.

Everyone loves sock monkeys as they are often a fond memory of our childhood! After speaking with my cousin about her son wanting to be a sock monkey for Halloween several years ago, I decided I wanted to be one too…with a twist. I searched the internet for actual sock monkey toys and saw one that was made to look like a Star Wars Princess Leia! Being a science fiction fan, I HAD to recreate that as a costume!!! (One of my friends affectionately called her Chimpress Leia!) LOL

Not wanting to spend too much money (and trying to be GREEN in repurposing items) I combed the local Goodwill in search of what I needed. I was fortunate to find a skirt made of a heather brown knit for the head; a cream color shirt for the mouth and the top of the head; and a red shirt for her luscious lips! Her dress was made from an old bed sheet; her belt from leftover scraps of felt and silver lame’; eyes were an old pair of fishnet hosiery and felt scraps; and her hands were a borrowed pair of men’s socks.

I purchased a sheet of foam rubber to form the head, purchased yarn for the hair, and used Velcro for the belt and dress closures. I painted a child’s toy gun for her weapon.

I found some instructions on the HGTV web site (go figure) http://www.hgtv.com/crafting/sock-monkey-costume/index.html on how to make a sock monkey costume and modified the instructions for head portion to accommodate my costume needs. I had an old pattern for a witch costume that I modified by making the sleeves wider and added a hood that hung on the back of the Princess’ dress.

It was a fun costume to wear and more fun to hear people’s responses but next time, I’ll install a fan or cooling device inside ANY full mask that I make…it was HOT in there (kind of like wrapping your head in insulation!)