Iron Toddler:
My 3 year old son wanted to be Iron Man for Halloween and I didn’t really like any of the store bought costumes so I decided to build one from scratch. The project began as Pepakura files on the computer. After cutting out all the template pieces I traced them onto the 5mm thick craft foam that would be used to make the costume. All the foam was purchased at my local Hobby Lobby. Each of the pieces were hot glued together. After each section of armor was completed several coats of thinned wood glue was used to seal it before painting.

I purchased red and gold automotive spray paint from AutoZone. To Make the arc reactor, eyes and hand repulsors light up I desoldered a set of led tail lights I had laying around the house. The round end sections of the lights were used in the hands under a water bottle cap to diffuse the light. The rectangular sections were used in the eyes and around the arc reactor. The arc reactor itself is comprised of the bottom of a 16oz pet vinegar bottle taken from work for the housing, a 60mm ring cut from a gallon jug I also got from work. Copper wire and electrical tape is wrapped around the ring.

The center is a faucet aerator. Behind all of that is a 2 inch blind spot mirror for a vehicle with my leds hot glued to the edge of it. With all that in my pet bottle I cut a 65mm circle out of the side of the pet bottle to cover it all. With everything wired up and in place it is powered by one 9 volt battery. I have to say he loved the costume but was very dissapointed to find I had not put jet boots in it as he had requested. Thank you and I hope you enjoy our costume.