For the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 (the movie) at midnight, my friends and I all decided to dress up as Hogwarts students. My two friends and I that had planned the event had already made ourselves outfits from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 but we had some new accessories and additions to the costumes this time around.

We started our Hogwarts Ravenclaw Girl Student Costumes by finding our essentials at a thrift store (Value Village). We each managed to find a pleated skirt and a black sweater (mine was lucky enough to already have a white blouse sewn in). My skirt was actually a floor length pleated skirt so I cut it and serged the bottom edge. From here we used things around the house to finish off the costumes: knee high socks, and blouses for my friends. We found mock-Ravenclaw ties at a local dollar store for only $2 each. One of my friends decided to go “all-out” and bought a Harry Potter brand tie and badge, but the rest of us opted out of the money-spending venture.

The last things we needed to finish off the costumes were scarves and wands. One of my two friends took on the task of knitting one Slytherin and one Ravenclaw scarf (she didn’t want on for herself), and I decided to make all of us wands. I had tried making wands of rolled paper and paint for the Part 1 release, but they had failed and not looked very good. This time I decided to do it right. I found instructions online and followed them almost exactly. It started with rolling up and gluing paper, then using a glue gun to put on designs. Then coating in spray-paint then painting in acrylic the desired colour. They turned out really well, and all of my friends were really excited when they got them (it lead to many “duels”)

It all turned out really well and we looked adequately magical (though not as magnificent as some of the other goers) and we had a great time. Overall – a success.