These costumes were sooo easy to make and we got so many compliments, it was sooo worth it! I simply bought white fabric (you can use old white linen) for each one of us. For my younger daughter I folded the fabric in half, cut a hole for the head and glued gold fabric I got. For each one of us I got a gold rope (from the fabric store) to tie as belts.

For my costume I cut 2 long pieces and kinda sewed them together by the shoulders and added gold accessories. I also got some gold accessories for bracelets and headbands. For my husbands costume I didn’t sew as well, we just wrapped it around his body, added a shawl, and viola:)!

As I said, this Greek costume was so simple yet so rewarding! Needless to say these costumes were very dirty by the end of the day!