On March 7 2009 my cousin Mary & her husband, Bob, hosted a Guitar Hero World Tour party. I had just over a week to pull this Gene Simmons of KISS Costume off!

I started of with the boots, which were a regular pair of work boots. Formed 2″ wood to the bottoms & screwed them on through the sole. Any gaps were filled with foam insulation. Next, I cut pop cans, formed the teeth, & glued them in place. The dragons face was made by spot welding a wire frame to fit over the teeth.

Everything was then, fibreglassed over to make the shape. Once it was dried, body filler was used, and a light sanding to get the final shape. Silver/Chrome paint was then used for a base. Black paint was used in between the teeth, and shadowing on the boots.

The scales on the legs were cut from a hot water heater insulator, as well as the rest of the boots, and held in place by foil ductwork tape.
The spandex pants were picked up at a thrift store.

An old pair of underwear with a wide belt attached & stars from a craft store mounted on made up the pants.

The body armour was made from the same hot water heater insulator with gardeners knee pads from a dollar store & glued on. Shoulder armour was a plastic bowl cut in half with foam padding cut into the shape of spikes & glued on,& painted. The wrist armour (insulator), and leather wrist bands from a dollar store.

The cream make up was purchased at a party store, and took about 45 minutes to apply. Using a close up picture of Gene to go by. And, finally, the wig was purchased at a yard sale. A fairly cheap costume, but many hours put into making it. Just to see the reactions was all worth it! ROCK ON!