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Coolest Homemade Gene Simmons from KISS Costume

This homemade Gene Simmons from KISS costume took two months two make. I started with the Demon boots. I took two 2 x 4’s and nailed them together. I then put my work boots on top of the 2 x 4’s and traced my boot print. I then cut out the print on the 2 x 4’s with a jigsaw and then nailed the 2 x 4’s to the bottom of my boots. I then spray painted the boots all black along with the 2 x 4’s. The two 2×4’s added 4 inches to my height, when I had the boots on, I stood almost 6’5.

I then bought plumbers putty and made the demon nostrils and eye sockets out of the putty and stuck them to the top of the boots. I also bought clay from a store and made each individual tooth out of clay and then baked them in the oven to solidify. Once the teeth were all baked, I super glued each tooth onto the boots forming the mouth of the Demon. I also bought little red plastic diamonds for the eyes and added some effects with red sharpie Markers to complete the Demon Boots.

I wore a pair of black spandex pants. I then purchased 2 of those silver shields you buy to put inside of your car, on the dashboard, to keep the sun out on a sunny day. One of those shields I cut and used for the mid section, connecting it with Velcro in the back. The boot leg covers were made out of the other silver windshield piece, cutting and wrapping around each leg and securing with Velcro in the back also. I then added some paint with a small brush to make little diamonds and glued some rubber points on to make spikes.

I wore a sleeveless black shirt and made a cape out of old material. I bought white plastic chains from Home Depot and sprayed them silver and wore them around my neck. Some of the left over windshield screen I used to cover forearms. I bought a wig and painted my face using Halloween makeup.

Homemade Gene Simmons from KISS Costume

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