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Coolest Homemade Gene Simmons and Kiss Group Costumes

I’ve been a long time KISS fan and have created many Homemade Gene Simmons and Kiss Group Costumes over the years. My little brother and I, along with a couple of friends, used to put on fake KISS concerts when we were kids for the neighborhood where we lived. However, I think this year’s costume tops them all.

I purchased a pair of used youth football pads on line for $20.00. I had some old hockey shin guards which I took apart and removed the padding for the forearm and elbow armour.

I then bought a 3′ section of 4″ diameter PVC pipe and cut it in half lengthwise. I then took one half and cut two pieces for my upper arms. I had to use a bench grinder to grind the inside four corners of the pipe so they fit flush against my arm. I then purchased some elastic strap and Velcro from Wal-Mart,and added straps to all the body armour with a rivet gun.I then painted all the armour with Krylon Fusion silver- hammered finish paint for plastic.

The Velcro that I used for the belt was made from a rubber mat purchased at LOWS Hardware. For studs on the belt, I bought three ring-binder paper push-clips and painted them silver.
For the spikes on the armour, I used 6 oz ocean fishing weights; the spikes on the gloves were made from poster board, painted silver and hot- glued on.

The wings were made from an old umbrella my parents had. I bought some 1/2″ silver-faceted studs from Kit Kraft.com and attached them to the seams of the umbrella. The wig was bought from an online costume store for $19.00.

I bought 5 and 1/2′ high boots online for $60.00 and took some of the leftover rubber mat, used for the belt, to make the scallops in front of the knees. I added the 1/2 ” studs (mentioned above) to them. I used duct tape to stencil out the teeth on the soles and colored them in, using a silver paint pen bought from a craft store; I then removed the tape.

All told, I probably spent $400.00 on the whole thing, but it was over a period of 8 months so it wasn’t so bad and worth every penny. I got great response from all my friends and all the trick or treaters.

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