My whole life everyone has always told me how “gangly” I look and what better a chance to show off my long awkward limbs than by being an Avatar!

Avatar Costume Instructions

  • I first did my hair – 2 simple braids with a few feathers intertwined.
  • Then I dressed in small blue spandex shorts from American Apparel and a matching sports bra from American Apparel as well.
  • Next, I used blue body paint all over my body and face. Make sure to get a skin protector to spray your body with so the paint doesn’t stain. I got 2 small containers of blue body paint, 1 small container of white paint, and a regular kitchen sponge.
  • Apply the paint in brush strokes all over your body (the associate at the Halloween store where I purchased the paint gave me a quick demo on my arm). The kind I got basically turned to a powder on my skin, which was worth the extra few dollars because I wasn’t leaving a trail of blue paint everywhere I went!
  • I then took a different shade of blue and did several stripes along my arms, legs, and face. I also did a few white stripes on my face and finished with a deep purple lipstick.
  • I added my finishing touches of tribal jewelry and wrapped a scarf around my waist.

When I showed up to the first party everyone’s jaws dropped. At first, they had trouble recognizing me which made it all the more fun! I won best costume at Boone’s Bar in Charleston and had more photos taken (even with complete strangers) than I can count. It was an amazing costume and so simple and cheap! Getting the paint off was easy with warm water and soap thanks to the skin protector. I only ran into one other Avatar that night and in the words of all my friends, “You showed him up!”