The Cuppy Cake costume was easy to make. The bottom is flannel material, pink with small colored dots and I pleated the material to make it look like a cupcake paper.  I also made a pair of pants to match for under the cupcake for her little legs. I made a blouse type top out of the same brown binky material that I used for the icing and attached it to the cupcake form.

The top was made to look like chocolate piping by me sewing a very long tube out of binky material that has the small bumps on it to make it look like real icing. I filled the tube with light weight fluffy polyester filling. Start attaching the brown tube of icing at the bottom and wind it round and round to the top at the neck line. I used hot glue to hold it to the brown blouse top.

I then bought glittered pom pom from the craft store and placed them on the chocolate piping and the sleeves of the blouse. I made the top of the cupcake a cherry out of sequined material and added a brown felt cylindrical tube to look like the stem of the cherry. The back of the costume was open for putting the costume on and I used Velcro to close the back after it was put on. This made going to the potty for my granddaughter very easy.

I received a  lot of compliments on the costume as to the unique idea. Almost everyone we past at the event, stopped to check her out and to have great comments!