The key to this Beetlejuice and Lydia – The Wedding Scene costume is to plan ahead.  For the better part of a year before Halloween, I would check the wedding dresses section of my local thrift stores (where I am a regular shopper) for just the right dress.  This one included a hoop skirt, the right style, and just enough lace. From there, everything was very easy.

The next most difficult task was to find a maroon suit, but a single day of thrift store shopping accomplished this easily.  To complete the Beetlejuice costume, all we needed was a ruffled shirt, wig, white shoes, and some rubber snakes for his pocket.  These were all very easy to find.  Complete the look with some white and green makeup, black around the eyes, and throw dust on the outfit and done.

For Lydia’s dress, I simply took my 70’s fabulous polyester wedding dress out into the backyard and coated it with a couple of cans of red spray paint.  It made the dress a bit stiff and crinkly sounding, but I had no trouble dancing the night away.  It has held up remarkably well, as I was able to bring the costume back out of the closet the next year and it was good as new! I wore a long sleeved red lace shirt under the dress and long red gloves for extra warmth.

To complete Lydia’s look, I cut my bangs a little shorter than usual, styled them with a strong holding gel, applied a light foundation, smoky eye makeup, and red lips.

Overall it was a pretty easy costume if you’re willing to keep an eye out for the dress for as long as it takes to find the right one.  We were a huge hit at the dance club we went to, and dancing in a full hoop skirt was a blast.  When the Beetlejuice theme song came up in the Halloween playlist, we felt like celebrities with all the attention that we got!