I loved this Chucky and Bride couple costume.

I wanted something others wouldn’t think of, something other than a witch or ghost or cat! At the time there were no decent Chucky or Chucky bride costume. I could only find basic and poor quality ones. So I thought I’d make my own.

Chucky’s costume was tricky to do as I could not find any dungarees!!! Unless they came with a large price tag. So I brought two pairs of jeans, cut the legs off one pair and made straps, cut the bum out the jeans and velcrod them in the front (toilet access!). Top is a ladies I cut some off the bottom and sewed it around the cuffs of jeans. Makeup was fake blood and a marker pen to create the stitches look and I brought a long wig and cut it into the shape I needed.

My dress was a hideous long sleeved high neck wedding dress from a charity shop. Cost me £10. I cut the neck out with all the lace I cut the srms off and made puff sleeves. I put a low neck line in. I cut the train off and cut a split into it up to my thigh. Used lippy for my boob tattoo, Made a veil from the netting I had cut off. I even dyed my hair for the event!!!

There was a lot of sewing but I really enjoyed making it and had loads of compliments from it. I’m going to make my own again this year for Halloween and I’m using this great site for ideas. Both Chucky and Bride couple costumes cost me about £35!!!