I really love and enjoy making my own costume of Halloween for my children. But this Ninjago Minifigure Costume is one of my favorite but the longest and hardest one that I made.

First I took a carton box and a little one  for the legs and a plastic bowl for the head. After that I put a piece of carton box of cereal to make my head longer than the bowl.  I put some newspaper on it with glue made with flour and water to solidified. To make it more like knees I pasted a pair of pads protector for roller blade.

For the hands I took a band of Styrofoam that I cut from a toy for the pool and painted and cut the edge. For the head I put some more carton and newspaper to make the form I wanted it to have.  After each time I had to wait for that to dry well. I painted all with spray paint and acrylic and put a piece of belt that I painted too.

But the funniest thing was when we were ready to go, both my husband and I thought about it!  How is he going to sit in the car with that? We had to cut the box and make it smaller so he could sit.  And also for the legs we forgot to try it with he’s shoes on so he went with no shoes.

For the face I painted he’s face with yellow make up and put he’s eyes in black.

It was very painful to start put it pays after all because everyone told me that the costume was awesome and very well done. My son was very proud of it.

I really like doing it and can’t wait to make another one next year.