I work in a school with mostly young teachers. So a few friends and I decided we would dress up as hippies. We did not come together to buy the costumes. Some of us decided to buy certain things while others decided to HIT THE CLOSETS.

I only bought my wig at the last minute the day before and paid 5$! It was actually like 25$ because it’s actually quite full.

So here’s the run down on my costume. I wore a an old flowy shirt I bought from Winners (Canadian store kind of like Marshall’s) on liquidation for 3$. The skirt was from my mom’s closet I also wore an old big buckle belt. I wore some brown leather fringe boots with bangles on both hands and a turquoise ring. for the neck, I wore a braided head band that had feathers on the end for a necklace. Since I had no real peace sign I made one out of cardboard and painted it gold, looped some ribbon and TA-DAAAA! I used my mom’s beaded purse and put a flower in my head and hand a little flower wand from my kids costume.

For the makeup I kept it very subtle and added a heart on my cheek.