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Easy Last-Minute Hillbilly Housewife Costume

I came up with this costume for a high school play, but it can easily be used for Halloween! It’s so easy and gets a load of laughs!

To make it I first went to the thrift store and bought a day dress. Pick the ugliest you can find. I also found a slip that was longer than the day dress, and picked up a double D bra. I grabbed a pack of curlers from the Dollar store. Items that I had on hand included the slippers, spanks, and knee high stockings. I stuffed a squishy pillow in the spanks and more pillows in the bra for a full look. The longest part was putting my hair in curlers.

For makeup I went tacky with overdone blue eye shadow, pink blush, and red lipstick. I added a mole with eyeliner. To complete the look, have an accent and shimmy that butt!

Easy Last-Minute Hillbilly Housewife Costume

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