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Coolest Tacky Tourists Costumes

I got this idea for tacky tourists costumes from a costume I saw in a catalog. I looked at it and thought, “I can do better than that.” It was easy once the idea came. Sadly, I had the “loud” outfit in my closet. All my husband had to do was add socks with his sandals, a fashionable pair of black horned rim glasses sitting atop his sun block covered nose, a fun festive shirt and hat and listless hair wig. The Hawaiian Lia and binoculars add to the detail.

My tacky outfit with overdone make up and a sassy platinum blond wig along with a big pocket book filled with maps and tourist information completed the look. Cute little “cat’s eye” glasses gave me dated sophistication. It was the details that really made this costume a big hit. Our friends loved the look and we won the trophy for best costume.

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