This Roman Soldier costume took a little more time to make than some of the others. But I made it a few years ago for a Easter Play at Church. I collect Armor and weapons anyways so some of the things I had, such at the helmet. There are other pieces that I made but didn’t take any pictures of them. Such as the leather shoes, arm guards,  leg guards were made from pieces of old light fixtures.  Leather chest plates.

So this is what you get to see until I take more pictures this year. The red under coat is made from a piece of wool I folded it in half and cut it to fit. Then glued the ends together since my sewing stinks. And takes too long. The outer gold vest is made of plastic.  The under coat in white is just a large women’s dress cut up . Most things you can find at a Thrift store, really cheap and then just set them up.  I didn’t wear the leather chest plate out due to it’s to hot and I have got to fat to fit it right .