Story of the Little Roman Soldier and his Chariot Costume

January 14, 2015 the lord blessed my husband and I with a baby boy, Charlie (Charles J. Thiebaud V).  He has been the joy of our life ever since. Mommy was determined to make his Halloween Costume EPIC.  I didn’t want him to be anything any other kid was being.  So I saw a little Roman Gladiator costume online and my mind went crazy.

My dad really deserves most of the credit.  I told him my visions of a Roman Chariot and he did most of the hard work.  Me with power tools = a bad idea!!!!

I made his Roman helmet with plume feathers out of a Dollar Store knights helmet.  I searched everywhere for a toddler Roman helmet and actually found a little roman costume another mom created on Pinterest.  I took her advise with the Dollar Tree helmet and created my own helmet.

Hope you pick Charlie!

A lot of love and hard work went into bringing this vision to life.

War decal credit – Eyegasm designs, Final Photo – Raven’s Little Nest Photography, Grandma (Rebecca Evans) and Paw Paw (Robert Evans) helped mommy with everything!!!

Can’t wait to push him around on Halloween in his Chariot!