Beginning when Asher was very little, my husband would comb his hair in a certain way that he looked just like a little German baby (blonde hair, blue eyes), and we would say “Guten Tag Herr Asher.” We decided it would be only fitting for him to dress up as a “Guten Tag Boy” for Halloween.

In addition, my Mom lived in Germany when she was 2 years old. On a family outing (she is one of five children) to a local castle, my Grandmother dressed all the children up in traditional German clothing. Despite the fact that my Mom’s family moved too  many times to count (Air Force) and there were five kids, my Grandmother somehow managed to hang on to each of the kid’s little green felt hats. The hat in the picture is 58 years old, and the last person that wore it was my 2 year old Mom!

Then I started to research what we needed to have to complete the costume.

Next stop- eBay. You wouldn’t believe the quality of vintage German children’s clothing. The lederhosen and sweater came together and were incredible. The shirt was also on Ebay and is a traditional checked shirt to wear with the lederhosen. My Mom picked up the pins on Etsy, they are vintage and typical of how you would style the hat.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any knee socks, so we went with bright green socks and little Clark leather booties (which are in style with the outfit).

I know I’m biased, but this child looked just like a Hummel figurine. It was so perfect. The reactions were great (surprisingly, our 17 month old took down a whole block); they would call other people in the house to come look at Asher’s costume.

The best reaction, however, was our next door neighbor. The family was trick or treating while the grandmother passed out candy. It just so happens that she is from Germany and she was so excited to see the costume and brought up childhood memories she shared with us. She immediately said “Guten Tag” to Asher and it was a perfect ending to the night.