When I was real little, My brother and I played with trolls. Everyone around me wanted to be a princess, not me I wanted to be a troll. Who wouldnt want cool spiked colored hair? So this year I wanted to bring the coolness of the 80’s back. So my daughter got to be what I always wanted to be for Halloween. A troll.

How I did it, simple.. I backcombed it and sprayed with alot of hairspray and purple color spray then pushed it all together to hold the ends at a point. I had to use a bobby pin the the back to hold  her baby hairs up. You know how hard it is to keep a 3 year old from moving while you backcomb her hair? She yelled at me, “stop it mom, you be the troll now” Poor kid haha  There is also purple color spray all over my mirrors, sink and outlets in my bathroom. Good thing it is easy to clean with a sponge and water.

Then I made her cute tutu with hobby lobby tulle and some elastic bands. Thats a little hard to expain how to make it in words. You can look up no sew tutu on youtube though. Her shirt was just one I picked up at walmart in the PJ area.. hehe. So today we went to a carnival at Affordable Storage and the reactions were endless. All the adults loved it. Brought back memories for a few. The kids wanted to touch her hair, one even said I would roll on the ground laughing if that was my sister. Everyone had to ask how I made it stick up so well. A lot said she should win a costume contest for out of the box thinking and creativeness. Everyone pointed at my child and said how cute it was, and my child just keep saying “Momma look everyone likes my pretty hair”  It was a eventful night.