My fiance and I wanted to do a couple costume, but wanted something funny, creative, and unexpected. We both love Willy Wonka Nerds Candy and thought what better way to actually be Nerds Candy. We bought the following materials, 2 cardboard boxes, 4 cans of spray paint, 4 normal paint, string, and accessories to dress up as nerds. We bought the cardboard and string from Menards, paint from Michaels, and accessories from a Halloween store. The total cost was about under $60.00 and the time we put into it was about 2 days.

My fiance spray painted the two cardboard boxes which was a pain in the nerd booty because cardboard suck up A LOT of spray paint. Anyways, that was the toughest part. I drew free hand the Nerds boxes design and first drew with pencil then took the paint and went over it. It was challenging to get the pesky Nerds just right, but I think I accomplished it. We then poked holes in the boxes and slipped them over our bodies to get the right height, so when we stood next to each other the boxes lined up. The only thing is you have to stand next to your partner the whole time (which could be a good thing or not so good thing?) to get the full effect and it is super tough to sit down in the box. Also it is pretty tough to walk through a door, but it is funny watching us do it.

Overall it was a fun project to make together and we were the hit at the Halloween party, due to our creativeness! We were totally unexpected like we wanted to be!