Growing up my mom always helped me make my Halloween costume which was always a scary and gruesome character. For Halloween 2008 I was 21 years old and wanted to create a fun and unique costume. I have always been a huge Christina Aguilera fan and I thought what better costume then the dramatic version of her in the “Lady Marmalade-Moulin Rouge” video.

I am already blonde so my biggest focus was using my own hair to really create the best version I could. I made an appointment with a friend who is a hair dresser, showed her pictures and was very specific in using all of my own hair. Red gloves are easy to find as all Halloween stores carry them, I found the red and black corset at a lingerie store and already had my black shorts. The black stockings were also purchased at a Halloween store and the costume jewelry as found at various places.

For this costume the clothing pieces were easy to find yet the hair was the most time consuming process as I have stick straight hair (but worth every moment). I tried to replicate my makeup as close as I could. Looking back I wish I purchased temporary jewels for the face for around the eyes. All my friends knew instantly who I was and absolutely loved my costume. The best part of the night was when Lady Marmalade played at the bar.