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Coolest Easter Chicken Costume 12

by Amanda
(Mold, North Wales)

Homemade  Easter Chicken Costume

Homemade Easter Chicken Costume

We needed a costume for our Easter concert. I was given the task to make this Easter Chicken Costume . So I searched the thrift stores and bought a large man's yellow fleece, which I then removed the sleeves and sewed together to make trousers using a pattern from a pair of pyjama bottoms.

Then we used a small babygrow which was yellow, added a circle of fleece and padding with wadding. Stitched that in place, I then proceeded to cut two more lengths of fleece the same length as my child's arm. Cut v shapes in to them for wings and stitched on and added elastic at cuffs to stay on arms.

We made the hat from a old baseball cap, cover with a knitted yellow hat and stitched in to place and folded the front in to a beak shape and covered with red fleece added two stitches on eyes.

Feet were made from yellow washing up gloves, filled with wadding, stitched, and then stuck on to old slippers.

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Coolest Homemade Chicken Costumes 9

by Beth
(Milton Center, Ohio)

Homemade Chicken Costumes

Homemade Chicken Costumes

Made these chicken costumes for my twin girls last year. Everyone thought they were so cute, and they were REALLY easy to make.

I made the body with a long sleeve turtleneck onesie inserted into a t-shirt. Then sewed up the bottom of the t-shirt and stuffed in between the two with fiberfill to make the body fluffy. Then I tacked feather boas around the body with small stitches and used 2 smaller pieces of boa to stitch to the arms.

I bought an aviators hat and stitched more boa all around the hat. I made a comb (the red part of the head of the chicken) out of red felt, stitched it around the edge and stuffed it with fiberfill, then glued it to the top of the head.

I bought yellow tights and used dish washing gloves to make the feet by stuffing the fingers and inserting some of my girls shoes inside of them.

The whole chicken costume worked out great and didn't take long to make.

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Outstanding job!
by: Anonymous

Those are the cutest costumes! My husband and I were trying to figure out how to make one of our sons chicken in an egg this year. I think your costume instructions will help us with the "round" issue we were having as well as the feet.

How much do you figure you spent on their costumes? I know boas can be expensive. You really did an incredible job!

- Mari

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

That is hilarious. That actually made me laugh out loud. Awesome work, and they look ecstatic!

Very Creative!
by: Kristina

The twins look like they are having FUN! Didn't they get hot? I love the glove-feet, what a creative idea!

by: Anonymous

The twins look adorable
My son wants to be a chicken for Halloween & I had no idea how to do this - thank you for the great ideas.

photo wanted for magazine
by: Talitha

If you know this mom, please have her contact me at, as we are featuring an article on Homemade Halloween and I would LOVE to use these twins in our next issue! Thanks in advance!

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Coolest Homemade Chicken Halloween Costume 14

by Jackie F.
(Heron Bay Ontario)

Homemade Chicken Halloween Costume

Homemade Chicken Halloween Costume

I really enjoy Halloween and getting dressed up every year. This time I had a bet from a friend when I had asked what I should be this year. His a Bird!

So I started thinking about a Homemade Chicken Halloween Costume and I started with a 1 piece gymnastics suit for my body suit (it was stretchy material). I sewed it on by hand, the white feather boas around the body. Found various items at Salvation Army - a hat in which I dyed yellow and glued 2 Styrofoam balls for the eyes and added more craft feathers.

I also got the tie and long yellow socks for leggings at the store. I wore rubber gloves over my flip flops for the feet. Added some white paint and ta dah, I was a happy dancing chicken.

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1st Place
by: Jackie

I must also include that I won First Place for this costume.

Rubber Gloves!
by: ravenwolven

I'm going as a pheasant this year and I couldn't think of how to do the feet...THANK YOU!

by: Anonymous

love the kitchen gloves idea! thanks!

by: Anonymous

Awesome idea! About how many boas did you use? What do you think the cost of your costume was?

by: Anonymous

I think I used about 20 or more. They cost about 1.50 each. I say total cost $50-60

boas are expensive!
by: Anonymous

where on earth did you find $1.50 boas?!? please, i want to know!

answer for boas
by: Anonymous

costume stores for boas, value village.

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Coolest Baby Chicken Costume 10

by Stephanie

Baby Chicken Costume

Baby Chicken Costume

Our daughter had the cutest baby chicken costume ever! I took an onesie and put it inside a one piece turtle neck. I sewed the two garments to each other at the arm holes, leg holes and neck hole. I put lots of batting between the two garments and snapped the crotches closed.

I then took white feather boas and stitched them all over the body. I took a little white cap and sewed a little red stuffed strip of fabric. I used yellow pants. I filled the fingers of two yellow latex gloves and placed them over the shoes. Cute, cute!

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by: Anonymous

shouldn't you give credit to Martha Stewart for this one?

so cute
by: Anonymous

Its adorable - i love the gloves for the feet!

Millions of Marthas
by: Anonymous

You mean Martha is the only person who could come up with this? Please! There are a million Marthas all over America! You just have to have ingenuity and an open mind.

Precious costume by the way!

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Coolest Chicken Costume 11

by Kimberly
(Huron, Ohio )

Fluffy Chicken Costume

Fluffy Chicken Costume

I made this chicken costume for my daughter who was 2 at the time. It was made with 2 sweatshirts and lots of feather boas!

She won 1st prize at our local costume contest. It was a lot of fun to make and she was stopped everywhere she went.

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by: Sara

Hey my name is Sara.. my little boy is four and him and his daddy love chickens. We actually have a lot of them. My little boy is wanting to be a chicken for Halloween and we think this pic soo cute. We were wondering where did you get the feathers and stuff?

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