Sistaaaaaas!  Three girls, a love of Hocus Pocus and Halloween will mix up to this great combo of the Hocus Pocus girls group costume!  This dynamic trio, which was born three years ago, was created through an entire September and October of watching this great film DAILY!  Every detail had to be perfect for us from the hair to the shoes.  The three of us studied each of the characters to not only create costumes to resemble each sister but to encompass the attitude each of them posses.

Our costumes came straight from our local thrift and donation stores to fabric stores where we sniffed out the best materials (and in Mary’s case….the best children) to bring these costumes together.  Since none of us have the slightest clue how to sew, we stapled!  That’s right folks, combinations of old robs, fabric, and yarn held together by thin staples will give you this great Sanderson sister look.  It’s all about the layers, layering fabric upon fabric gave us all the detail and more that you could ever ask for in a costume of this nature.  Oh and what about that hair?  Well as Winifred would say it best, “Don’t get your panties in a twist, we’re just three kindly old spinster ladies.”  The hair is easy.  For Winifred simply pin large round curlers in your hair and throw a little red dye on the bunch; Mary is more complex, she requires a cup for the base with wire that forms the unique shape, after that simply pin your hair around the cup.  And as for Sarah…..just find a good ditsy blonde, after all Winifred was cursed with idiot sisters.

The first year we did this, we attended a local “Witches Night Out” event and we, to say the least, put a spell on the ground.  We felt like celebrities, everyone wanted a picture with the Sanderson sisters.  We even performed the “I Put a Spell on You” dance on stage for the crowd (did you ever doubt we wouldn’t have memorized the dance).  The response was sensational, we were asked to perform at three separate events after the Witches Night Out celebration, which we gladly agreed to do.  Performing has become our yearly tradition as we attend yearly events and also sniff out all the pretty children in the crowd….and Sarah foolishly flirts with all the young boys.

Well it’s come time that I grab my vacuum, Sarah’s got her mop and Winifred with her broom, we are off to find Winifred’s………