We love making Halloween costumes at our house and this year was no different. My 10 year old son is a huge Henry Danger fan so when he decided that he wanted a Henry Danger costume, I accepted the challenge.

Henry wears red cargo pants but we used the red jogging pants we already had at home. They look good and are way more comfortable. The black boots we bought from a thrift store. We already had the blue shirt and it needed a silver vest. I used a thin plastic silver tablecloth but be careful because it was very thin and can rip easy. The rest of his vest we used duct tape! It worked great! I even have duct tape on the gloves to make them look like his gloves!

His face is painted but I didn’t want to fool with paint so I just bought a cheap red mask at Party City. It’s not the exact shape so I cut it more triangular to look like his mask! I took a plain black belt for his belt. I also made the belt buckle. I cut out an oval shaped piece of cardboard and i drew the symbol on a white piece of paper. I glued the drawing onto the card board buckle and then I glued the homemade belt buckle onto the black belt. I also just used an old watch for his watch!

I spray painted his hair yellow but it made it more red! A blonde wig would have looked better or just a blonde child!

I don’t think alit of people knew who he was but he definitely got a lot of attention in this vibrant Henry Danger costume. We had alot of fun making it and was so simple and the best thing it was easy on our wallets!