This costume was created for my boyfriend who had one request this Halloween: “nothing cute or fuzzy please” We both race dirtbikes so the idea came to me right away! I search the Internet to see if it had been done before and it hadn’t.

I designed the costume on sticky pads then made it come to life using supplies I already had!

Needless to say my bf was stoked (or should I say 2 stroked? lol) to be a transformer dirt bike! He didn’t mind getting ridden too! Everything was made SPENDING UNDER $20!!! Every piece of his costume Velcro’s on and off for his comfort (exception of the handle bars head piece)

Moto bike: fabric, pillow stuffing, wire, cardboard, Velcro. Put together by hot glue gun or sewed.

Monster Energy Arena girl: Upcycled old boots using spray paint and added green trim to corset & skirt. Spray painted old helmet.

We made the costume in 2013 and then did it again in 2014!