One of my best friends and I decided that we needed to do something really cool for Halloween last year, so we poured over several different ideas for group costumes, and finally decided on Mortal Kombat, Scorpion VS. Subzero Costumes.  We went to the fabric store and picked up some blue, yellow and black Halloween fabric and we were on our way.  The base of both costumes is the “vest/cape” that we got together and came up with a pattern for and made out of the cotton material.  Overtop, we created shin guards, masks, and arm guards out of craft foam cut to shape and layered for effect.  Since both characters have their signature weapons, we had to figure out a way to create them.

Scorpion’s weapon is made from rope and electrical tape and is fastened to a ring on her finger using fishing line so as to appear as if it is floating toward the enemy.  Subzero’s ice ball is made by using a pot light covered in blue tissue paper to resemble a glowing ball of ice (effect is not seen in the light, but in the dark social room we were in, it looked very cool).  The sword was found at the Dollar Store but was painted to resemble ice using acrylic paint from the craft store.  Both of us wore black shirts, tights, and boots underneath the costume.  As subzero, I wore “white-out” contacts and we both sprayed our hair with the matching colors of our characters.

We had a lot of fun creating these costumes and were asked by several people to take our picture and still get a lot of comments on both of our Facebook pages every Halloween.