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Sassy Sub Zero Costume with a Female Twist

I always loved the Mortal Kombat games growing up, so I decided that I should pay tribute to my favorite childhood game. Sub Zero was an easy choice for my homemade costume!

I found an old child’s costume lying around, so it was time to become inspired and creative. I cut up that old ninja costume, painted the Mortal Kombat symbol on an old waist trainer and became motivated to finish (or as the game would say “finish him”).

Since we were in the middle of the pandemic, I thought it was only right to incorporate a subzero face mask to protect myself. To finish off the look I absolutely NEEDED blue contact lenses. My brown eyes wouldn’t cut it, I required that piercing blue stare.

My friend’s reactions were off the charts!!! All night I was in Mortal Kombat fight poses lol.

Sassy Subzero Costume with a Female Twist

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