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Coolest Sub-Zero and Scorpion Child’s Couple Costume

Materials used for this Homemade Sub-Zero and Scorpion Child’s Couple Costume:

Foam sheets
Adhesive spray
Old black dress pants
Spray Paint (Blue/Yellow & Black)
Knee pads (optional)
Hot Glue gun and sticks
Soccer shin guards
Paint ball mask
Ninja costumes

This year my seven year old begged me to be Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat, and after searching the web for a costume in a child’s size, I decided to do it myself. Once I finished his costume my three year old started begging me to be Scorpion. So after countless hours of trying to push Spider-man on him and him crying to get his way, I got started again.

I started by finding the materials I already had around the house. Black pants, Thread, Glue gun and sticks, paint ball mask, elastic and cardboard. Then I went out to purchase the rest. The Adhesive spray and the spray paint I purchased at our local Menards. The knee pads I purchased actually was a skating protective set, which included elbow pads, and the kids shin guard was purchased at a Thrift store. The foam sheets and the ninja costumes were purchased at our local Family Dollar.

And the fun begins. After finding all the materials I needed I got to work cutting the paint ball mask, then sheets of foam to the sizes of my kids shoulder width. I then sewed the sheets together and covered them with my old dress pants. I did this by cutting the pants into strips and gluing them down to the foam with adhesive spray. Then I took other sheets of foam and painted some blue, some yellow and some black.

Since I was already painting I did the shin guards and mask as well. After doing all my painting, I cut the colored sheets into the patterns of squares that are most common for Sub-Zero and Scorpion. I put it all together by sewing all the pieces.

For the Scorpion costume, I pretty much repeated the step except for the shin guards, arm guards, and mask. All of which was created by cutting cardboard to sizes and covering them with the painted foam sheets. I covered the cardboard by hot gluing it to foam.

Homemade Sub-Zero and Scorpion Child's Couple Costume

Homemade Sub-Zero and Scorpion Child's Couple Costume

Homemade Sub-Zero and Scorpion Child's Couple Costume

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