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Cool Scorpion and Sub-Zero Halloween Costumes for Adults

This is how I put together the Scorpion and Sub-Zero Halloween costumes. The face mask was created by Hidden Assassins with a glossy bright paint job by G-Force Auto Body Shop in Port Charlotte, FL.  The baklava hood was purchased on Ebay and the skull mask is mine from about five years ago.  The background was done by my friend David who is into computer animation and TV production.  The chest piece is a combination of black and yellow vinyl stitched together in such a way to hide the stitching but the black vinyl was stitched to a purchased black sleeveless T-shirt and the yellow vinyl pieces were cut in the shapes seen and sewn by hand onto the black vinyl.

The arm guards is a combination of a black cotton sock with a cut triangular yellow vinyl piece sewn directly to the sock.  The forearm guards are hand stitched yellow pieces cut to size and attached to a black vinyl strip.  These pieces are kept in place with black and yellow elastic bands sewn onto the underside of the black vinyl piece.  The belt is a long strip of black vinyl with rectangular yellow vinyl pieces hand sewn onto the strip.  There is also a twenty-four inch long flap at the front of the belt which was also hand sewn.

To attach the belt there are three vertically aligned hook and eye loops hand sewn into the belt at the ends of the belt.  The shin guards have been created from a strip of black fabric with zippers sewn onto the edges of the fabric.  Yellow vinyl has been cut to shape and hand sewn in such a way to not show the stitching.

This costume took over 200 hours to make and had its own challenges because I had to conceptualize how to make the arm guards, shin guards, belt and chest piece.  Also, I hand sewed the whole thing using a special process that hid all stitching so the costume looks professional with no visible stitch marks.  Also, everything stated above regarding the Scorpion costume was also done on my friend’s Sub-Zero costume as well.

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