First off I want to say I am truly a MK fan. I have been ever since my older bro and I got MK2 for Super NES…*reminiscing on childhood. I wanted to go all out and give proper tribute to one of the most epic games/characters of all time…Sub Zero.

*I also want to thank Raymond W. for his submission because I used a few great ideas from his post.

The Mask: is the bottom half of a paintball mask (eBay $10) that I modified. I used a dremel and removed unnecessary edges to give it a better shape. I hot glued black speaker material on the backside of the vents, and also glued foam in places for a comfortable fit. Now the best trick to get it to stick to my face was to rivet the mask to the black balaclava (eBay $5). I put in four rivets and it came out amazing.

The Tunic: took a few hours to get it sized up correctly. I bought a few yards of material from a fabric store and did all the measuring/cutting. I left the shoulders slightly wider compared to where it attaches to the belt. I also used iron on interfacing (fabric store) which stiffened the shoulders so they would not sag. The belt is self explanatory, measure and cut. I added a black border to the belt and sewed on Velcro to the backside for proper fit. I also sewed on a MK patch because it looked too plain with out it.

Shin Guards: were fun to do. I bought a used set of fox racing guards (eBay $25). I liked the pattern and when I painted them I was even more impressed.

Hand Guards: I was struggling to find the perfect arm guards and then I stumbled upon these bad boys at ( $12). They were a nice touch.

Ninja Tabi Boots: I cant remember where I picked these up, but I do remember I couldn’t find a deal ($25-30).

Takeaways: Don’t try this last minute. I put several weeks into finding all the right materials to make sure it all meshed. Attention to detail if you want to turn heads. Make sure the blue paint you buy matches the blue material. I got several compliments and I will definitely be wearing this one again for future parties.