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Coolest Sub Zero and Mileena MK2 Couple Costume

For this Halloween, my girlfriend and I decided to dress up as Sub Zero and Mileena from Mortal Kombat II. I basically knew that I wanted the costume to look like Sub Zero in the 2nd game, and she was up for doing Mileena.

[Sub Zero Costume:]
– Cheap Balaclava from Amazon
– Cheap airsoft mask with goggles from eBay
– dimpled fabric from JoAnn’s
– Badding from Joann’s
– thick black sewing thread
– white bike pads from Amazon
– white costume contacts
– black gloves
– black sports tape
– black Nike workout shirt
– black pants

I taped some paper together and draped it over my shoulders to come up with the right shoulder size. After getting the paper cut, I laid it out on the bedding material (cushiony cotton like fabric) and cut it to size x 2. I then sewed the blue cloth over it and followed up with 2 rectangles for the front and back, and a waist strap. All were sewn together and then pinned in the back.

I spray painted the mask after removing the goggles, and did the same for the bike pads, putting newspaper in the holes, and around the black edges.

The white contacts really made the costume pop. I even had a small speaker playing the Mortal Kombat music when I walked into a party.

[Mileena MK2 Costume:]
– purple leotard
– plastic sais
– purple opera gloves
– black fabric
– purple fabric with doctor’s mask

Mileena was much easier. Just sewed a black sash, and wrapped purple fabric around the doctor’s mask, made a headband, and she was ready to go.

Coolest Sub Zero and Mileena MK2 Couple Costume

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  1. Where did she get her purple leotard? I’m looking for some but i can’t find any with the turtle neck style that mileena has in mk2.


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