I’m a big fan of the mortalkombat franchise and my favorite is subzero.  I’m in Sri Lanka where Halloween is not very well celebrated but we have small Halloween parties. I wanted to go to the party and I picked subzero as my costume. I went through eBay to find a costume but it was soo expensive. I cant afford costumes and I cant afford to buy the garments to make one at home. So I went through my mom’s closet and found an old blue sari so I took that and made the main parts of the costume and I stitched it by my own hands for weeks because I haven’t sewn ever.

I was soo exited. The bottom part is just black pants and the glove foot pads are socks that I cut the end. At the end for a poor guy like me I made a great costume and everyone said that its cool. I couldn’t make a mask because I don’t have any money and my mom also is running low of cash so I named the costume as UNMASKED SUBZERO. It’s not much but it makes me happy.