So awesome! Those are the words my son said  to me once I finished his costume. Although it was exhausting and stressful at times, those two words with his smile made it 100% worth it.

My son decided he wanted to be Jay from Nijago and as a 40 hour a week working mother of a 3 1/2 yr old and a 5 yr old the first thing I did was Google trying to find a place to buy it. To my surprise they had nothing! How could I tell my little man he had to pick something else with his heart already set on this costume. So that is when I decided to make it for him. When I told my husband this he laughed and said ok!  I hope he doesn’t end up looking like a mystic stranger! I know you all are thinking it sounds like he wasn’t supportive and whats a mystic stranger?! Well, my husband had a traumatic Halloween one year when his mom made his costume. It was all black with glittery sparkles and nothing he had told her he wanted to be. When he asked “mom what is this? And what will I tell people I am she replied ” a mystic stranger” !  So you can see why my husband was worried for my son.

Now extra nervous  and feeling the pressure I started the journey mid September. After work and weekends I would  spend my time buying supplies online, at fabric stores and craft stores. Once I had what I needed I set off on this journey in the hopes it would come out somewhat looking like Jay. This was my first attempt ever at making a costume. Trying to impress a very honest 5 yr old had me a bit nervous. It seemed to be working out until I got to the head. I tried so many ways to make this head from an old army hat to a ninja mask. Nothing seemed to make me happy. Until I saw the Most perfect $3 astronaut helmet. Done!!! Bought it as fast as I could and my head and face issue was solved. It was finished and I am happy to say my son loves it and he will not be telling people he is a mystic stranger. He will be able to say I am Jay from Ninjago!