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Wickedly Elegant Ghost Costume

My husband and I live in Los Angeles and own a online rock and roll clothing store and we put on a killer costume bash every year. We have been known to always wear black and be some kinda of vampires or anything dark. This year we decided to shock everyone and go GHOSTLY white. This wickedly elegant ghost costume was a hit!

The fabric I chose for my dress was light gray lace and a gray satin material for the lining. Then I bought a night gown pattern and a white lace bra. I put together my dress accordingly to the pattern but used the bra as my top and just added the lace over it. Then I shredded the dress even though it hurt me to do so because it looked so pretty! We made holes and made it look ratty and added some plastic little spiders.

Then I designed the long coat made with a different gray material a bit thicker with a unique design pattern. It was still a light stretchy fabric so it wouldn’t get so hot but would look great as a coat. The long coat was made by a neighbor because I am not a pro sewer and she could do that in a flash for me!  Then I wore white tights and white and gray heels. I bought a white wicked wig and added peals to it with bobby pins. I made my necklace and added a picture of our dog in the cameo to add a little humor to my costume.

I had wore gloves and I bought a cream color parasol and spray painted it a gray color. I got a bit of white fabric spay and added black to make it gray. It gave it a good old ghostly look. Then I added spiders and webs to my parasol. For the makeup I used Mehron stick foundation a bluish gray color not white!  I added lashed and made myself look wickedly beautiful.  I wore contacts to give it that ghostly look. To finish my costume I bought fake plastic chains and wrapped them around us.  That was it! Good luck!

Hi my husband and I live in Los Angeles and own a online rock and roll clothing store name redhotgear.com and we put on a killer Costume Bash every y

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